Raising Wealthy Kids by Melanie Jane Nicolas

Last weekend I was in Chicago to participate in Loral Langmeier’s 3 Days to Cash seminar.  My mission was to learn how one of the original Shark Tank Sharks – millionaire maker Loral Langmeier teaches people how to make money. I met some amazing people – one of whom is Melanie Jane Nicolas, author of Amazon Best Seller Raising Wealthy Kids: 7 steps for creating the First Financially Responsible Generation.  Melanie Jane is the guru of financial literacy for kids.

In case you don’t read any further, let me give you Melanie Jane’s website right now. www.RaisingWealthyKidsBook.com. Consider this “legal advice”: Buy this book. Do the exercises. Let this process transform your financial life, your marriage and how you raise your kids. Now onto the book review.

Melanie Jane is on a mission to end the epidemic of FOG™ – Financial Overwhelm Generation. She has created a process that parents can follow to teach themselves and their children how to think about money more productively. She calls it the WEALTHY™ Blueprint.

W – Write down your money beliefs
E – Evaluate your own money values
A – Affirm and Assimilate your family’s core money values
L – Lead your children to financial freedom
T – Transform your money values into a system
H – Help your kids earn money
Y – Young Entrepreneur Creation Movement

Teaching kids about money isn’t happening in the schools, so Melanie Jane has created systems for families to learn and teach it in their homes. She founded Kids Wealth International Clubs™ where she created camps and programs to help families transform their money consciousness. Seeing how crucial it is for parents to be involved in their children’s financial education, she founded APPEAR – the Association of Proud Parents Educating About Riches. This young mother of four young children is a dynamo.

I wish Melanie Jane had been around when I was raising my son, Peter, so I could have gotten my financial life together much younger and conveyed those new improved money values to him. Peter’s wonderful wife Allyson is –among other things – an economist and has given him the sound financial education I didn’t. Thank the Universe for do-overs.  It’s only to late if we don’t start now!

Rise, Phoenixes, Rise!