A New Beginning

After over 20 many years of work as a bankruptcy lawyer, I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t enough to just get rid of debt or just save clients homes. We (and I do mean we) all need inspiration, education and tools to change our mindsets about money and debt. I’m not an expert in all the needed fields, but I know people who are!

Welcome to the Being the Phoenix blog and website. I have big dreams for this website.  I want it to evolve into a go-to site for people recreating their financial lives – rising like the phoenix from financial ruin.  I see it including a library of replays of Being the Phoenix’s Ask the Financial Expert teleclass (Click on the Teleclass page for more info); links to calculators of all kinds, articles on financial planning, investing, entrepreneurship, how to get a mortgage, how to finance a car, and loads of other topics; videos; a bulletin board where rising phoenixes can share questions, answers, and inspirations in a confidential environment.

What would help you to reinvent your financial life?  I look forward to your ideas because this site is for you!

Rise, fellow phoenixes, (is that the plural?)  Rise!

Kathryn A. Hathaway

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